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27 Jun 2008

Severed Ties

Severed Ties Volume One by Kevin Krohn and published by Spiral Bound Publishing is 178 pages of suspense.

Kevin Krohn lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and two children; an on and off writer over the years Severed Ties Volume One is his first work to be published. A Chuck Palahniuk reader and revenge movie fan, this was a book which Mr Krohn wanted to read himself and had in his mind for some time. "I have always loved the fact that writing allows you to tell any story you want, to control the outcome of a world you have created". Severed Ties Volume Two is currently in the works and Mr Krohn hopes to have it finished quickly so not to leave anyone in suspense for too long for the next instalment.

The cover art of Severed Ties by Jonathan Gullery leaves just about everything to the imagination. The cover is glossy and shows a young woman crouched climbing down from what appears to be the doorway of a derelict house. Why is she there? Why is she leaving? And what is she heading into?

The title and author name is bold and clearly stand out with the combination of darkness and light. If I saw this book on a shelf I'd be intrigued to learn more if only to find the answers to the above questions.

Since the death of her mother in a fire when she was two years old Nyne Harper has spent 18 years moving between small towns with her father. With the tragedy of her past haunting her memories she has grown to live a secluded life. With her father's over protective attitude and training she has spent the last eight months seeking revenge against those responsible for her mother’s death. Finally, moving back home to Portland, Oregon the thought of living a normal life appears on the horizon but there are a few more jobs to be done. Unsure if she's getting too cold to the kill or missing normality Nyne soon makes a friend at school. Rebellion starts and before she even realises the truth her entire world is turned upside down when she makes one mistake and defying her own father’s rules leading her realise everything she has ever known could in fact be a lie.

Severed Ties Volume One is a well written easy paced book which pulls you straight in from the very first chapter to the last. The book is entirely unpredictable that you'll be thinking the book is about to head in one direction but find yourself heading the opposite way.
Kevin Krohn has done a marvellous job with this book creating believable characters and situations his words flow simply from the pages. The character Nyne and the world around her has been so well created you can’t help but from early stages want to know more about her and how her life came to be so complicated.
This is a book clearly about family, trust, betrayal and revenge concentrating on the impact revenge can have on a persons personal life but also how it changes them as a human being but I think this story shows something more, at how strong every individual can become when what they face is an enemy bent on hurting them and those they love. I’d recommend this book to anyone aged 18 years and over, this is a great book that I enjoyed reading and I can not wait for Volume Two.
Since I was so impressed by how Mr Krohn managed to keep this book unpredictable to the end and still cant believe this is his first published piece, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

10 Jun 2008

The Doctors Deception

The Doctors Deception written by Kathleen Grieve and published by The Wild Rose Press is a romance novel at 178 pages long including cover art and publication pages, due to be released on June 25th 2008.

An avid romance reader since the age of 13, Kathleen Grieve began writing in 2006. An English Major and a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Centre, earning her Bachelors Degree in Science and Nursing in 1994. Having spent 13 years as a nurse and ten of those in ICU, she has set her sights with the support of her family on new career in writing. Though this is a work entirely of fiction Miss Grieve has based the medical world in truth, having drawn from her own experiences and used actual questions and a writing sample found in study guides for the MCAT (Medical College Administrations test) in order to get a feel for the struggle Nurse Faith Daniels faced in her quest to get into medical school as mentioned in her authors note.

The cover art of The Doctors Deception created by Kim Mendoza is bright and leaves nothing to the imagination as to where this book is heading. The medical jacket and stethoscope lead you to know this is a book based in the world of medicine. On further thought the stethoscope can also be seen as a clue as to the fact the book is a romance novel, and dealing with matters of the heart. The revealing muscular torso of man then makes it evident that this book is aimed more towards the female of the species rather than the male.

Deerborne County General is a close knit family hospital where everyone knows everyone and everything. However, beyond the vale of kindness lies a problem which threatens to destroy the close net of friends and colleagues. The resident heart throb surgeon, Dr Stone Lassiter who leaves every female nurse melting in his presence. Focussing so hard upon his work he closes out those who he truly needs the support of, unless he changes from treating them with so much disrespect many will consider re-evaluating there careers. If he is to gain there trust and respect, and gain the funding needed in order to for fill a death bed promise and open his heart centre, he needs to win over the team and attend the upcoming charity dinner. But who should he take?...

Faith Daniels, nurse of the year having twice failed her MCAP exam, one time thanks to her ex-husband leaving her high, dry, and penniless she is determined not to fail one more time, nor let any man stand in the way of her dream to finally become a doctor. Thrust yet again for the fourth shift in a row to work alongside Dr Lassiter by her colleagues urging her to change the cave man. With her exam getting ever closer should she risk the hospitals fate or her own future?

The characters appear to be constantly fighting the line between personal and professional. The story and interactions between the characters remind me of elements from works by Nora Roberts and Kim Harrison. The language used is both professional and often humorous the world created here appears so real and considering there is so much medical information contained within I’m impressed with how Miss Grieve manages to not loose her reader. Professionally written with twists and turns you find yourself sighing at least once per chapter.

I must say I’m not really a romance reader, the title and cover aren’t to my personal interest however, I had this book read in one day. This is a fun book and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have read The Doctors Deception before its release at the end of June. I wouldn’t mind reading more works both in this genre and by Kathleen Grieve in the future.

A quirky tale of love, friendship, dreams, trust and betrayal in the ranks, dragging you down the halls of your local hospital and settling you into one big daydream you'll have the book finished in no time. Its like having an episode of ER in your hands and playing in your head. I'd recommend this book to anyone over the age of 18 years and older. An excellent read sure to have you turning page after page in a single sitting unwilling to take a break. Definitely something to curl up with on a cold night or rainy day with a glass of wine or a tub of ice cream before bed and capable of lifting anyone’s spirits.
I give this book a hearty (lol) 4 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

5 Jun 2008

V1 {Clash at Creeden} Cypher 8 Of The CCR

Clash at Creeden, written and illustrated by The Sunz of the Zodiac; The Ace of Spadez, Scorpius Blood and Capricornus Woody is an epic battle of self, spiritual and literal proportions written as a scifi fantasy based in the future with elements which span the previous centuries.

In the wake of the destruction of Olde Earth three brothers, princes, Trajan Wolvoz, Jason Wolvoz and Cinder Wolvoz upon the untimely death of there father seek to discover which one of them is to fore fill an ancient prophecy as written by Nostradamus. To rise from the flames of Mount Medievon in 3776 AD to become the Phenix and lead the souls named in Arch Angel Michael’s Cryptex of Destiny to fight for Jesus Christ and Christianity against the evil Nefilim. There journeys both alone and connected will either bring peace or destruction upon there home of Novus Atlantis.
Armed only with his fathers sword The Retaliator Jason Wolvoz having risen from the dead takes on the spiritual quest along with his own personal one to become the Phenix and enter the Thunder Sphinx to retrieve the Cryptex of Destiny and one of the fabled Crystal Skulls (The Wolvenite Crystal Skull). His journey is thwart with both danger and enemies like the SS Legion, lycans, vampires and other species around every corner. With his own inner battles with his former self, the vampirical Dante, as well as past love interests he must overcome his own fears and learn who to trust if he is to succeed at all.

Glancing at the title alone and nothing else I was unsure of what I was about to be reading as my mind filed the title Clash at Creeden with the likes of Conan the Barbarian.
I am happy to say my mind was changed. Having viewed the following several pages including cover art, beautiful colourful illustrations and a map of Novus Atlantis. I found myself overwhelmed by the professionalism and effort put into Clash at Creeden that I actually found myself questioning my own writing which for The Sunz of The Zodiac is a great thing because there are authors and there are authors then there are these guys up there especially with there amazing art work, with the likes of Tolkien. Its one thing to be able to write but its another to be able to show though images how these characters and worlds exist in the writers mind.
The introduction appears a little long, I myself thought I was reading the story when in fact I wasn’t however, the world created here is a dark and yet wondrous place. You never know what’s around the corner. With its amalgamation of fantasy, spiritualism, almost every controversial theory under the sun, and lost and debunked theories, as well as covering the human condition, love, destiny, faith, belief and betrayal, everything which makes us human. This is essentially a fellowship of the future for a new age of readers. There are however some spelling changes which have been made such as the letter Z replacing where there should be an S, but you do get used to them eventually, and this is made up for by how descriptive the entire story is, drawing the reader into the pages, into the world that you find a pace to the story that before long a few hours have passed and you’re still sat reading.

I would recommend Clash At Creeden to anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 I say this because the story itself will appeal to many along with the combination of language used which flows and blends nicely considering its range from Old English to modern slang. This saga is sure to leave even those with the simplest of knowledge of the ancient world and debunked theories wanting to know more about who we are where we come from and what lies ahead for us. I love the way the facts of the real world have only been altered slightly to make them blend together, this could be something for non-believers to get stuck on however those interested in the subjects brought up will no doubt stay tuned. Given the style of writing used and the detailing throughout, because of how I personally imagined it to be, I think this story could one day make an amazing anime.

So, for what this book is also doing for the world of controversial theorists and how much I enjoyed reading Clash at Creeden. I give this book and The Suns Of The Zodiac 4 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley