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14 Jul 2012


TerrO.R – a medical liability novel is written by Joseph J. Neuschatz and is available through

Joseph Neuschatz born in Romania now lives in New York. An Israeli defence Sergeant and an Anaesthesiologist in New York after taking medical school in Paris, France. Joesph is retired and has appeared in many publications such as New York Times and Newsday. He is also an ex-regular columnist for Long Island's The North Shoreian Magazine.
The "TerrOR" novel was inspired by an old, never explained operating room incident.

Phil Newman M.D. is an anaesthesiologist looking forward to an afternoon of tennis but first he has a few surgeries to deal with. When a simple tattoo removal goes bad Phil Newman MD begins to wonder if it was merely a case of the unknown or if perhaps there is something more sinister going on. But when he learns legal proceedings have began and earlier than normally expected, alarms start ringing. Even more alarms begin ringing when another doctor from another hospital calls having experienced exactly the same situation several months earlier and worse yet these aren’t the only cases. Starting their own investigation Phil is about to discover that sometimes things aren’t as simple as they may at first seem and that there can often be a bigger picture globally rather than locally. Is someone looking to gain funds by medical aided suicide? And if so who? And why? Is this just a case of revenge? Or something a lot bigger? Possibly involving terrorism?

TerrO.R really is terrifying. Being a doctor with so much responsibility must make one feel like Atlas holding up the world, and with so many things that can go wrong if questions aren’t asked / answered must be very stressful if and or when things do go south. This book really does make you want to let every detail out should you have to go to hospital, but sadly no-one will ever know every little detail about their bodies tolerances and intolerances since they can change over time.
Whilst the story itself is riveting, I do personally feel that the first three quarters of the story is full of so much medical information it is possible to get a little confused although in most cases Joseph has explained in detail what is going on or what the condition is, perhaps too much information however Joseph himself being a Doctor perhaps makes explaining to the average person a difficult task in itself and you do have to commend him for his efforts. There was also at least one incident within the story that I was not quite happy with, that I feel the story had not quite been rounded off to my liking ie I thought something was about to happen but sadly not.
Joseph Neuschatz is a good writer, do not get me wrong, there are just times I feel that the Doctor took over when really the writer should have. However, the story is very straight lined and clean, therefore I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys novels based in the Operating Room and a tie to real life possibilities but, if you’re looking for something a little steamy then this book is not for you.  I give TerrO.R – a medical liability novel 4 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

5 Jul 2012

Tenth Legion

Tenth Legion is written by Mike Arsuaga and is published with MuseItHot publishing. The novel is the forth book in the Subspecies series and is 81,000 words in length and approximately 224 pages.

Mike Arsuaga is the author of Subspecies, Subspecies Inc, Children of Subspecies, Tenth Legion and Lagrange Point. Living in Orlando Florida with his wife/editor Cynthia, daughter, granddaughter and partner in crime Thumper a Yorkshire Terrier. With several books under his belt Mike’s aim is to learn to write screen plays and see at least one of his books become a movie.

After Cynthia’s death from the 2026 flu epidemic there came a rise in a group known only as The Tenth Legion, human mortals who deemed themselves ones capable of ridding the world of the Subspecies. Once again life took a leap backwards when the world changed.
Now it’s the 22nd century and the Subspecies have spread out throughout the world maintaining their link to Subspecies Inc but with an ever presence making them available in tight situations.
Lorna Winters is a lycan and an Orlando Florida Police Officer new to the department few actually know of her abilities so when a con gets free of his cuffs everyone is surprised when she morphs.
With murders, butchering, and a missing boy to deal with and a second family attached within a month there are possibilities of ferals on the loose, so Lorna decides it is time to call in Subspecies Inc to see if they can help. Being a lycan on the outside of the corporation for a number of years has made communication difficult, luckily for Lorna that her friend with benefits is one of their lawyers.
Later a bank robbery leaves important Subspecies documentation vulnerable and only Lorna is trusted to watch over them until the trial completes and the documents are returned to the White family.
On Valentines day Lorna is drugged and kidnapped.
When Lorna meets Mr White and family, she learns that she has a unique ability to visualise past events through scent, more specially she meets one woman named Cithara who warns of future events one being the end of the world.With a new virus sweeping the world all Subspecies are at risk, but Cithara warns of a worse threat, the threat of blood turning against blood. With many Subspecies gathered in one place exactly how at risk are they? And who is the betrayer? With both hybrids and Subspecies at risk as well as the impending doom that is the end of the world, the White family having started on colonising Mars must step up their plans if they are to protect the Subspecies from the likes of the Tenth Legion who continue to blame them for all the wrongs in the world and even their soon to be demise.

Tenth Legion is an amazing piece that can easily stand alone from the first three books of the Subspecies series. Stepping away from the characters of Sam and Jim who will be dearly missed, we jump roughly 50 years into the future where the White family has grown not only in numbers but in their knowledge and expanse around the planet to even colonising off world on Mars. This was a good time to introduce new characters since many years have passed and the story is beginning to traversing into the stars.
This book is not written from the point of view of one of the characters like the previous books however you don’t actually notice because Mike is such a great writer who simply picks the reader up and takes them on a journey they won’t forget.
While we thought Sam and Jim had a lot to deal with in the first three books apparently it was nothing compared to what lay ahead.
As always love, trust, loyalty, family and betrayal play big roles within the story however while the enemy is busy dethroning the White family and Subspecies Inc it becomes more apparent the threat is closer to home than Ed White would like to believe. Can Ed separate business and family? Should he? Perhaps they are one in the same...whatever he chooses will ultimately impact upon not only the White family but all Subspecies. With the world falling apart around him the last thing he needs is for his family to fall to pieces too.

As good as if not better than the previous books and with the universe knocking on the door to be explored you know there just has to be more to come. I would not hesitate in recommending Tenth Legion to anyone aged 18 years and over. I give Tenth Legion 5 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley