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22 Apr 2010

Second Chances

Second Chances Written by Christle Gray is published through Sapphire Blue Publishing.

Romance Novelist Christle Gray lives in Kentucky with her husband, cat and large number of collectables from Doctor Who Figurines to Stuffed Stitch toys. Born and raised in Ohio she has always had a love for writing spending much of her youth filling notebooks with poems and stories. An avid artist to boot it appears there is always something to keep Mrs Gray busy and creative. Second Chances was her first novel to be published and is available as an ebook.

The cover of Second Chances was created by Kendra Egert and depicts a landscape view of London showing the Millennium Eye on the left and Big Ben on the right side of the cover. The title is in large red letters whilst the authors name sits directly below in large white lettering. At least 60% of the cover depicts a man and woman wearing what appears to be formal wear laying together, the woman resting against the man who has his arms around her.

Kristen can’t believe it when the handsomest man at the gala, an up and coming actor, takes a sudden and intense interest in her after losing her husband, all she wants to do is mull through life and work at her gallery. But things change quickly and Kristen is thrown into what appears to be a love triangle with David and his fiancĂ©e actress Sophie Miller. It soon becomes apparent that Sophie is nothing more than a spoilt woman who loves getting what she wants and controlling everyone and everything around her including David, she is psychotic and will go to any and all means at keeping her man under thumb. In a relationship merely set up as a PR stunt David wants out but can he keep his true relationship with Kristen a secret from the press and Sophie and eventually air the truth to the public or will Sophie try and scupper any plans David has of leaving her for Kristen.

Second chances are a very difficult thing to come by but they come plenty of times throughout this novel. Any reader will instantly take a disliking to the character of Sophie Miller and hope for her downfall, whilst at the same time wishing for the characters of David and Kristen to find some happiness, because they truly deserve it. This is a very easy book to lose yourself in and quickly with characters, dialogue and plots shadowing real life you’ll find yourself gunning for one or another side as the story progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend Second Chances by Christle Gray to anyone over the age of 18.

I give Second Chances 4.5 out of 5 stars

By R.N. Hadley