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12 Jan 2009

Shadow Haven : Battle Across The Sands

Shadow Haven: Battle Across The Sands written by N.P. Michaels and published by Publish America is a fantasy at 192 pages in length.

N.P. Michaels was born and raised in Michigan. Shadow Haven or B.A.T.S as it is referred to by the author was published in April 2008 after five years in planning. A further five books in the series are planned, the second currently being only referred to as P.O.T.I will be released late 2009.

The top half of the front cover of Shadow Haven: Battle Across The Sands is white with large green highlighted writing for the title whilst the bottom half is a photograph of a desert landscape with the authors name written in white. A large green symbol sits central on the cover. The back cover is yellow with a green bordered box containing the books synopsis.

Shadow Haven : Battle Across The Sands is based in Esura, a world where Humans, Wizards, Elves and Democs exist but do not get along and racial discrimination is quite high. With the king of Demesia on his death bed, and the heir to the throne unsure of his place within the kingdom, rumour has it an old evil, the wizard known as Aurum, has returned from the grave some six hundred years later. With the kingdom under threat will the prince take the throne and become king of Demesia and can Demesia, even Esura handle the threat they now face.

Having read the synopsis of Shadow Haven : Battle Across The Sands I do find myself interested in the story however, I believe too much history has been given with not enough emphasis on what this first story is about.

Shadow Haven : Battle Across The Sands is a story of friendship, trust and betrayal. While I would recommend this book I would like to stress that this book was not quite for me. While I did enjoy the opening chapters and the battle, I felt the centre of the book and the very end were missing something that I could not place. It took me quite some time to read this book, in part to the fact of so many spelling and grammar mistakes which change sentences entirely letting the story itself suffer. Some scenes do feel rushed while others which could help are missing. The characters however, are interesting and well thought out giving us back history of both old and new races alike. The title Battle Across The Sands fits the story perfectly and I did enjoy how the world of Esura mirrors our own in many ways. N.P Michaels is at his best both at the start of the book during the Odkin and during the battle itself and appears to have left no stone untouched when it comes to creating such an elaborate and exotic world.

I give N.P Michaels and Shadow Haven: Battle Across The Sands 4 stars.

By R.N. Hadley