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26 Sep 2009

Rebirth of Rhin

Rebirth of Rhin written by Julian Traas is available through The book is 26 chapters in length and the cover depicting a lone man carrying a sword surrounded by darkness was created by the authors brother.

The has been dedicated to Mr Traas' family who without their help this book would not have readily been possible.

Julian Traas is of Dutch-American descent and speaks three languages. His ridden the tram in Hong Kong, gazed down from atop the Eiffel Tower, walked under the shade of the mountainous windmills in the Netherlands, stood atop the Pyrenees with one foot in France and the other in Spain, and dipped his toes in the crystalline waters of the Carribean and Mediterranean seas.
Mr Traas started writing Rebirth of Rhin when he was eleven years old, living in France. At that time, I just thought it would be cool if I wrote a book. I rewrote the work about forty times. A few years passed. Then I got serious about it.

When Brekk and his army attack the village of Lynca in search of Rhin, it is a day of utter devastation for both sides and one which will begin the journey of discovery and identity for the forest boy Rhin when his world is thrown into chaos and he is informed the life he has led for so many years is nothing more than a lie.

Fighting for his life Rhin becomes travelling comrades with Daish-rog a man who has been enslaved and had his will taken, with it now returned and Daish-rog free what does he hide from Rhin about who he really is and why won't he answer any of his questions...

On his journey Rhin will encounter new enemies and old friends as well as make new ones. A story of intrigue and fantastical creatures including Whisps, Wolf men and Vevlei; what awaits Rhin come the end of the book. What answers lie in wait for the forest boy born of the storm and where will these answers lead him...

I believe that Mobipocket Reader does not does not do this book any justice at all, while the book itself is an enjoyment to read the reader will often find that should they put the book down one day and go back to it on another although they are taken straight back to the page they left should they have to go back a page or two the page numbers themselves begin to change, I myself have experienced this on more than one occasion and find it quite annoying where you find yourself re-reading what you've already read and unable to find the place you opened the book at. I can definately see some readers letting this stand in the way of them finishhing some books.

I believe Julian Traas to have here in Rebirth of Rhin a wonderful adventure story of self discovery and although my own path reading this has been turned around, doubled back and repeated I still feel that from what I have read so far of this book deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

Julian Traas has informed me that Rebirth of Rhin is available as paperback and kindle, that it isnt available for purchase via Mobipocket Reader.

By R.N. Hadley