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16 Oct 2009

The Electronic Adventures Of Diga Byte: Wrong Turn, The First Of His Adventures

The Electronic Adventures of Diga Byte: Wrong Turn, The First Of His Adventures was written by Meredith Mammano and published with Author House.

Straight away from glancing at the cover of this book you know instantly that this is a children's book from the large and bright red fun font to the sketched image of a computer and worm.

Diga Byte is a worm, not just any worm but a computer worm. This story tells of his daily adventures from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes back to sleep, from choosing his topic of the day to eating and to an unexpected adventure beyond his computer.

The book itself is extremely colourful with each chapter having its own colouring. The chapter titls are bold and bright too, and this will help in grasping children's attention. The images portrayed throughout this book and drawn by Thomas Cesarski aren't complicated or pieces of art, they are simple and easy to understand even for the youngest of minds aiding children to follow the books images even if they cannot understand the words printed. The story itself is easy to read with no complicated words, it is clear and precise in what is trying to be said.

Though I myself am not a parent I believe this book is one all parents should allow their toddlers to read, its educative in telling the child what a computer worm is, explaining the internet and how these worms travel, doing it in an enjoyable way and also teaching them the dangers of such a thing. Children will also learn their colours, geography and explaining certain aspects of computers.

Personally I believe this book to be well thought out and very educative and I would recommend this book to anyone I know with a child below the age of 8 years, although I think even some parents may find some enjoyment in it too.

Meredith Mammano is married and a mother of two herself, placing her in the perfect position to write such a book like this for young children interested in computers and easing children onto computers from a young age.

I give The Electronic Adventures of Diga Byte: Wrong Turn, The First of His Adventures by Meredith Mammano 4.5 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley