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25 Feb 2012

Subspecies Inc.

Subspecies Inc is written by Mike Arsuaga and published by MuseItHot Publishing. The novel is a 75,800 word paranormal erotica and is the second book in the series.

Mike Arsuaga author of Subspecies, and My Life As Dog lives in Orlando Florida with his wife author and editor Cynthia Arsuaga and Yorkshire Terrier Thumper. Mike spent almost 23 years as a US Navy officer and uses his travels as ideas and locations for his stories.

Since book one more than six years have passed, safe and sound Sam and Jim have both moved and moved on with their lives, now with triplets in tow showing signs of high development at a very young age. Protected by the Waldrup Enterprises Inc otherwise known as Subspecies Inc to those on the inside.
However even travelling to Spain they cannot avoid people going missing and dying similarly to how attacks occur. Waldrup Enterprise strives to abstain from human consumption and find an adequate alternative however not every Subspecie is in agreement, though they are in agreement that they need to preserve and expand their kind through mating.
As if bringing Cynthia through emergence wasn’t enough, this time having spent the last 6 years trying Cynthia is trying to get pregnant with no luck what so ever and so yet again Jim is called upon. But will this leave Sam happy or will she be angry this time round? With the Subspecie community at odds a dark shadow arises that could potentially destroy them. Will the book Critters of the Night come back and haunt them? And is someone amongst them working against them?
After an accident in the hills leaves Jim MIA and suffering amnesia how is a vampire to survive the wilderness?

Mike Arsuaga has done it again, reintroducing us to the world of the Subspecies with their enemies and issues but this time as opposed to remaining hidden the greatest issue is how to reveal themselves to the world. But when the secret comes out in an uncontrolled, unexpected and unforeseen way quickly the lives of all Subspecies become a subject of fascination by the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. A new way of thinking and handling the world are going to have to become second knowledge if the Subspecies are to survive in a world that believed they did not exist.
Based in America, Spain and France each character will be tested to their limit and forced into making some tough decisions. Can Sam and Jim’s love for one another withstand what they are about to face as they themselves are tested individually, as a couple and in business.
Love, trust, loyalty and family drive this story and keep it neatly woven together as politics, sex and beliefs threaten to tear apart Sam, Jim and the Subspecies once and for all.
An amazing story that continues on from the first and opens up the world of the Subspecies not just to the locations visited but also to the rest of the planet, this story is now capable of going absolutely anywhere in the future and has already been to many places and done many things. Subspecies Inc is just as good as the first book of the series if not better. I highly recommend it to anyone aged 18 years and over. I give Subspecies Inc 5 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

7 Feb 2012

Painted Jezebel

Painted Jezebel is written by Jolie Pethel (pen name) and is published by MuseItUp Publishing. The novel is 65,000 words and 22 chapters in length.

Jolie Pethel is a character / pen name used by author Billi Wagner who also writes under her legal name. Part Irish Billi was born in Ohio, and raised in Arizona but Billi moved back East so that her six children could enjoy a proper white Christmas. She penned her first short story in 2nd grade but Painted Jezebel is her first published work. Painted Jezebel is the first of a series of Jezebel Jinx mysteries and Billi is currently penning the second volume Poison Pens.

When HOT publicist Finn Mackenzie knocks on author Jezebel Jinks’ door whose to blame her for thinking she’s been sent a stripper for her birthday. Dreams shattered Jezebel is about to have her worst case scenario become literal. A home bound author she is about to be forced to face her enemy, the outside world in order to get her to attend a writing conference to plug her new novel. First Finn has got to get her out of the house, but how?
Then her second enemy and Finn’s ex, author and competitor, Constance Mallard’s presence at the Book Lovers Expo causes all sorts of issues.
Feeling completely jinxed, with many fears and phobia’s to overcome and an awards ceremony to face Jezebel’s life feels like a rollercoaster of emotions. But with the arrival of the brother of ex-lover Jack, being food poisoned and a murder it looks as if this rollercoaster is about to derail. Is Jezebel really jinxed? Does someone want her dead? Will she be doing time for murder? Having been involved in one once was bad enough but a second time surely this is bad luck... even so will Finn remain by her side? And can he keep things professional this time round?

Painted Jezebel is a book you will not want to put down, there is surely nothing that can pry it from a readers hands once they get started. A whirl wind from start to finish from love and romance to murder, food poisoning, family issues and the complication of what is more important love or career. Jolie Pethel (Billi Wagner) has gone above and beyond on this novel making sure her readers relate to her characters and stay interested. This story literally just flows from its pages and that is a very good thing because all you’ll be interested in is what happens next and who is responsible. I am sure the rest of the Jezebel Jinks series will be both a fascinating and colourful read.
I recommend Painted Jezebel to anyone above 18 years of age as containing mild sexual scenes and I give Painted Jezebel 5 out of 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley