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9 Jul 2010

October Rain

October Rain is a novella of 131 pages, written by Dylan J Morgan and published by Sonar4Publications.

Dylan J Morgan lives in Norway, he was born in New Zealand and raised in the UK; he writes during the quiet moments in small hours after dark while the rest of his family are sleeping.
Dylan has also published his first novel, Hosts through Sonar4Publications. Other works include two short stories published in the 2009 anthology, Gentlemen of Horror. He also has works in War Wolves, Horrology and Zombology III. Dylans short story Melissa, was published in January this year in Issue 9 of Necrotic Tissue.

The cover art by Jerrod Brown depicts two blonde men possibly twins, dressed mostly in black clothing with black sunglasses. In their hands they are holding smoking guns. The background is like an area of space illuminated by the sun, there is a planet and what looks to be two moons, one on the left and the other on the right. A spaceship is taking off directly in front of the planet which has the novellas title upon its surface and the smoke of the ship descends toward and between the men with the name of the author between them.

The short prologue leaves the reader wondering about the person speaking, who they are, where they came from, how they are in this situation, why and what do they wish they could so easily forget.

It has been years, decades even since mankind had to abandon Earth and seek a new home on its neighbour planet Mars. Having brought much of the worlds historical artefacts along there is hope that mankind would have a second chance at bettering itself. However, years later it appears there are something’s which mankind can just not abandon because these things are built into their DNA, making each individual who they are.

Now with a second failing home world mankind is again under threat and those remaining in the city of Olympia on Mars are seeking refuge to the other planets within the system.

Steele is a strong confident character we first encounter whilst on the job, he’s a bounty hunter and if you ever believed that bounty hunters were heartless beings then you’d find yourself clearly mistaken. Driven by the love of and for his family Steele will go to any and all lengths to keep those he loves safe as any man would. Steele’s contract endorsed by the government is to seek and kill a man known only as Pierce and gain information to his whereabouts and plans by any means necessary. For Steele this means hunting down Pierce’s men and clients in the hope they will lead Steele to him and all the while keeping his occupation a secret from his wife and daughter.

In time it becomes apparent that there is something more than a mere job driving Steele in his hunt for Pierce. Who is he? Will Steele find him? If so will he kill him? and by his deadline?

We all strive to protect our way of life and those we care for to the best of our abilities but how do we protect those we love from those who share our DNA? From those we call family? Or, even brother?

It would seem that on Mars in the month of October it never just rains it pours and for Steele the flood is coming.

October Rain written by Dylan J Morgan is a fast past shuttle ride into mankind’s future yet following the main character of Steele, a family man who protects his family by any means even if it means becoming a bounty hunter to keep them safe.

Very well written this story, the character of Steele and the setting completely pull you in so much that you can almost see the dust clouds on the horizon and taste the sulphur in the air. The characters are believable even if for a split second you think the likes of Al Capone may show their face.

The story is so fast you’ll have it read cover to cover in a single afternoon, you will not want to put this book down for what you may miss and for fear of losing your pace.

This is a fantastic novel very different from Dylans first novel Hosts, but still to be enjoyed by old readers and new readers alike. I would recommend this book to all scifi/fantasy fans over the age of 17 due to excessive language.

I give Dylan J Morgan and October Rain 5 stars.

By R.N. Hadley

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Nice review, Rach.

Feel free anytime to submit your reviews to my magazine, Twusted Dreams.

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