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23 Jun 2012

Children of Subspecies

Children of Subspecies is written by Mike Arsuaga and published by MuseItHot Publishing. The novel is 82,714 words and 22 chapters and 223 pages in length.

Mike Arsuaga is the author of Subspecies, Subspecies Inc and Children of Subspecies, there are at least another two books in the series titled Tenth Legion and Lagrange Point. Mike is also working on an anthology of short stories to fill the back stories of important characters.

It is 2021, approximately 5 years have passed since Jim returned from being missing for 15 months in the Pyrenees and the triplets are now twelve years old. Sam is CEO of Subspecies Inc, the coporation she and Jim started. Many subspecies have adapted to the new way of life while few ferals still remain in the wilds of the world at least until Subspecies Inc located them offering rehabilitation or death. Jim must use his knowledge of ferals gained from his months away from Sam to track down a group. Subspecies have always been known to lag behind humanity in learning to walk and talk as babes but concern has been growing as the hybrid children develop at the same time as human children. Cynthia arrives still child-less and with the hope that a dream has revealed that Eddie will be the one to give her children but Eddie himself is still just a child making this revelation a little tough for Jim to digest even if the age gap between Cynthia and Eddie is the same as Jim and Sam. In 2026 a flu outbreak leaves cause for concern as to whether the children are at risk or whether the subspecies could be at risk but there is still wonder as to whether any of the children will be subspecies at all. Cynthia’s adopted son Mikey, the boy whose mother died in book 2, is taken by Cynthia’s brother believed to be a member of a group known only as Tenth Legion who despise the Subspecies. Is her brother brain washing him?

Book3 of the Subspecies saga is fast paced covering a number of years taking the triplets from almost teenagers into adulthood. Mike Arsuaga has plotted key events that will determine who these children are and who they are to become. We can expect the usual sex and blood going hand in hand but as well as love between two characters we have the love a family possesses, one that cannot be broken. With the children comes growth, the how and why they develop into the adults they become through love, loss and betrayal. Death itself is a big key to this story and tells that even perfection can be undone however there is always hope, a hope that could take the subspecies into the stars.

Children of Subspecies much like its predecessors drags you in straight from the first page however unlike its predecessors this one is written slightly differently, written from the perspective of vampire Jim White this book plots and links all key events throughout the years that will lead to the subspecies having to move yet again, call upon old friends and face old enemies. Are the triplets or even the twins subspecies? Can they continue the subspecie lineage? Who are the Tenth Legion? Did they instigate the 2026 flu outbreak that claimed so many lives? And will the world ever be the same again? Again as with the previous books I would recommend Children of Subspecies to anyone aged 18 years and over. Personally I hope there are many, many more books to come. I give Children of Subspecies 5 out of 5 stars

By R.N. Hadley

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