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23 Aug 2012

Under The Cover Of Wicca

Under the Cover of Wicca is written by Darke Conteur and is published through Smashwords. The novel is 7 chapters in length and 157 pages including excerpt from book 3.

Darke Conteur is a stay at home mum who is at the mercy of her muse writing anything from the paranormal to science fiction. Darke lives with her husband, son, two cats, one kitten and a ghost dog. She runs her own blog where she aids other writers to be heard posting interviews and news from the writing world, as well as updates on her own work and hobbies. Darke’s passion for writing began in her mid-teens. At 16 she completed her first novel but the manuscript was lost, she hopes to one day re-write the story with a “more scifi feel”. Book 3 Covens and Packs is due out Summer 2012.

Janet Weiss is a student and one determined on seeing the spirit of her dead mother even if it means summoning her herself alone in the cemetery at night. But when her spell doesn’t work she finds herself witnessing a human sacrifice. It has been some time since the Brosnie attack and Martin Cunningham is enjoying his flexi- hours however it only takes one call from the office to get him hot on his heels heading in. With a case of human sacrifice Martin and the others are about to discover not everything was completely sorted out back at The Embassay like they thought it was. With more bodies popping up there isnt just the balance of good and evil to be concerned about but whether the secret of their world is revealed. With a young girls freedom, innocence and life on the line it seems they are about to discover yet another coven.  Who or what are The Spire? Does Jezryall answer to someone higher? Is Janet a sensitive? And are sensitives lives in danger? Is Martin willing to give up his independence for a life of danger? Or is a life of independence danger enough? Can Terin Global maintain the balance between good and evil and keep their world hidden at the same time?

Under the Cover of Wicca is a very quick read flowing from page to page. I am still fascinated as to where this story will go in the future as it is suggested there are many other creatures. The ending gives a sneak idea as to where the story will be heading next and as dark as things became in the first book, things can only get darker. One thing I have come to notice and enjoy about this series of books is that it shows everyone’s experience with magic is different, how you come across it and how you interpret it differs from person to person. Another thing is that nothing is ever entirely good or evil there can be grey areas. With evil growing with every death I am keen to see what happens next for Terin Global now that they have a cop to worry about. I like the fact this book is more fleshed out than the first but I do still feel as if something that I haven’t yet been able to identify is missing. If you’re after a book where the dark and sinister are just another day at the office, then this is the book for you.

Darke Conteur has done a marvellous job continuing the story of Terin Global’s fight against evil, I look forward to reading the third book and learning something new about their world and the creatures who inhabit it. Again as with the first book I still feel a little like this novella should be longer however I would recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

By R.N. Hadley

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